About Us

FRAGMAT - MAK is a mixed Slovenian-Macedonian company engaged in the production of EPS (expanded polystyrene) - styrofoam.
The company is registered at the end of 2003 and production started in March 2004.
The business strategy of the company FRAGMAT - MAK is based on following the world standards when it comes to expanded polystyrene.
In the production process is used exclusively raw materials from producers who are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 9002, which guarantees the quality of the final products.
FRAGMAT - MAK is part of the group FRAGMAT, comprised of:
FRAGMAT TIM - Lasko, Slovenia,
FRAGMAT HR - Zagreb and Split, Croatia, 
TIM IZOLIRKA - Sid, Serbia,
FRAGMAT COR - Sid, Serbia,
which means that Group FRAGMAT cover a large market share in Southeast Europe.
FRAGMAT - MAK company is located in a beautiful location
 ↗ on the main road Kumanovo - Sofia (Bulgaria) which allows coverage of the markets in:
- Macedonia
- Bulgaria
- Serbia
- Kosovo.
It is a new factory with an area of 3500 m2, built on a location of 5500 m2.
FRAGMAT - MAK with its products covering a large part of the market in Macedonia, around 28% of total sales is on the markets in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia and about 10% of the total export is realized on the German market.
During its operation the plant introduced into production and new items such as decorative facade profiles and columns, then more innovation in construction, easier deck floor structures (system FRAGMAT MK1 and MK2), external facade polystyrene (system FRAGMAT N31) for that document was obtained patent by the State Office of industrial property.
These products are finding greater use in the construction of buildings, both in Macedonia,Bulgaria and Serbia.
Besides the production of EPS, FRAGMAT - MAK deals and selling all materials for construction of facades.

Business card

Company:Company for production, engineering and trade FRAGMAT - MAK LLC Kumanovo
Short name:FRAGMAT - MAK LLC Kumanovo
Seat of the company:Str. Mosha Pijade No. 2, 1300 Kumanovo
Contacts:T: +389 (0) 31 43 11 00 
F: +389 (0) 31 43 77 44 
E: fragmat@fragmat.mk
Registration no.:5808006
ID for VAT:MK 4017003146590
Transactions account:
200 000 939 87 10 16
Stopanska Banka AD Skopje
Entry into the court register:Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia, 22.12.2003
Person, authorized for representation:Jordan Arsovski, Director